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In the spring of 2011 the State of Delaware, after a long hard won battle, voted to legalize medical marijuanna. This meant that finally thousands of people suffering from chronic and incurable diseases and chronic pain sufferers would finally have legal access to a fully natural, non addictive medicine to treat their conditions. A whole system had been devised for the growth, distribution and sale of medical marijuanna. The actual start and availability was to be around june of this year.  Not everyone was pleased with this wonderful plan, especially law enforcement, but it was passed by the legislature here in Delaware to much rejoicing….but hold the phone folks.

I was at the local grocerie store tonite reading the Delaware News Journal sunday edition which at $3.00 is way outside my price range. On the front page was an article stating the following.

It seems that our beloved state legislators and governor, Jack Marcal have wimped out in the eleventh hour and succombed to pressure from the feds. The federal govt. maintains excessively harsh penalties for the possesion, sale and manufacture of marijuanna and is in no way interested in state law. They have threatened to step in and enforce those draconian laws should the system of dispensories(refered to as COMPASSION CENTERS in DE) open their doors for business. What has happened to states rights? Why does the federal machine have the right to tell individual states what to do and how to do it? So much for land of the free I guess. Delaware was the first state to ratify the Declaration of Independance….bringing forth the Constitution of the United States…so in these days when that document is being reduced to a thing of the past, is it any wonder that we are falling victim to that avaricious federal machine? Keep your eyes open folks….this all may be coming to a town near you.


Astral Rhythm Dancers at Sturgis 2011

About a year ago I met a woman who has since become a close friend and confidant. Her name is Melody Bruch. She has introduced me to something that at first sounded kind of childish and insugnificant (Sorry Mel). Hoola Hooping…right!She first approached me about having her daughter, Stephanie, come to a powwow I was running in Shepherdstown, WV to do some “Hoop Dancing”….I told her that in my culture that women did not hoop dance…that was strictly a mens dance style and we couldnt allow that. I come from a very traditional family and it would be frowned upon and could have some pretty bad repurcussions on the family. I had no idea at that point that this was something completely different.

Im finding as I grow more experienced in the ways of this world that its never good to simply discount  something on face value…we need to look at things with a more open mind….so I did. Read on please….

I started to read and watch videos posted on YouTube….and  there are people….clubs and groups all around this country and the world who are HOOPING! Not just the kind of hooping like when we were kids with the cheapo whammo hula hoops…but actually dancing to entertain themselves and immense crowds of others who are paying admission to see these HOOPING shows worldwide. In fact Melody’s group…BOOMTOWN HOOPS and The Astral Rhythm Dancers are headliners at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where they perform every day! I was amazed. HOOPING is no longer the thing of the 1950s and 60s….its a growing industry in entertainmen and manufacturing and it shows no indication of falling off anytime soon.

There are HOOPS of all different sizes and for all types of HOOPING. There are plain hoops…hoops that are skillfully decorated with different colors of tape…there are hoops with LED lights inside of them for performing at night or in a darkened area and there are even hoops designed to be set on fire….of course these are used solely by seasoned professional hoopers.

These wonderful presentations are choreographed and set to music off all different types from bluegrass to hiphop…jazz to heavy metal and all points in between and if you have never seen a show like this I would heartilly suggest you do so because it is a fantastic sight…with a touch of fun and a hint of burlesque you cant go wrong.

Below you will see links to some fine HOOPING videos and contact information for BOOMTOWN HOOPS. Check it all out…I think you just might like it!

Here are some links to check out….

Ive been thinking about the legislation that president Obama signed in December 31st just past. Its the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. Pretty harmless sounding in a beaurocratic kinda way, and almost all of it is. Big deal, right? But if you read into it further it contains some things that are really pretty alarming to me and Im sure millions of others.

It starts off pretty good, talking about things like defense for the US and its interests abroad, crucial services for military people and their families, vital national security programs, developement of counter terrorism initiatives within the US and to boost the effectiveness of military operations world wide. All that stuff sounds pretty good to me. They want to keep us safe here at home, make sure our military people have a good support network for themselves as well as their families such as good housing and medical benefits all of which will enable them to do a better job. Cool….but look a little deeper….

On the dark and shady side this act also calls for the Indefinite Detention of any person, including american citizens who give aid or assistance to Al Queda, the Taliban or ANY OTHER GROUP ENGAGED IN HOSTILITIES AGAINST AMERICA OR ITS ALLIES. That sounds good too, but. Last year there was a statement made about how these very groups were behind much of the drug trade between the US and Mexico and how the profits from this were being funneled to finance the terrorist efforts to fight their war against the US and Zionism everywhere. That seems pretty vague to me. I mean does this mean that a guy who gets caught with an ounce of weed can now be considered a supporter and proponent of radical islamic terrorism? So he gets locked up by local law enforcement and then gets snatched up by Homeland Security thugs and hustled off to Gitmo, without a trial and sits there “until the cease of hostilities”? At some time during his incarceration he is given a “trial”  by military tribunal as opposed to a real trial by a jury of his peers? Thats what is stated in the act. That all those arrested under this act would be held by US Armed forces in military prisons with no set sentence or an indeterminate sentence.

Wow….the last time I looked we were all protected by the US Constitution and were granted “certain inalienable rights” under the law. It seems that this act just rips the guts out of the constitution by negating half of it…it clearly violates or removes the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th ammendments. And as much as Id like to blame this all on the liberal democrats, I cant because this act passed with a resounding majority from both parties. Mr. Obama did indicate that these were measures that COULD be taken but he did not see a time when this would become a reality here in the states….I say when has anyone been given the authority to do something and then shy away from doing it?

These may all be just groundless concerns on my part and on the part of thousands of other US citizens but they are just that, concerns. I dont like the idea of warrantless searches…lengthy imprisonment without charges….prison camps set up here at home for the detention of US citizens under the guise of FEMA relocation centers…it all sounds pretty creepy to me. My advise to anyone would be to investigate all this yourself….study it….be aware of the things going on in Washington, DC and just exactly what the president and our representitives are up to behind their closed doors. They were elected to work FOR us people….not AGAINST US.

My family lives in the town of Wanblee. Its located kind of south centrally on the rez. Its not much to look at but it carries a lot of history from its beginnings under a man named Lips…on up to Wounded Knee II in the seventies and all the violence that was brought during that time…up to the present where people struggle with all the same problems associated with urban blight in big cities. Life is hard there for my family and everyone else that calls Wanblee, home. Lifes just not easy for them. It can be a daily effort of “scheming” just to get money for gas or cigarettes. Yet they persist in the daily struggle of life….day in and day out. They are hardened people who live there, even the little children, and I mean babies of 2, 3 or four years of age. But right now they have an enemy that they just cant seem to push away. Poverty? Drugs? Alcohol? Poor health care? Yes….to all of these….but thats not what this is about. Their largest and most formidable enemy now is their water supply. The very fluid of life itself is contaminated…but I dont know with what. My guess is that it is ZEOLITE.

Im not a scientist…and I dont play one on TV either, but I know dirty water when I see, smell and taste it. Its a cloudy yellowish grey color and smells of fish and petrochemicals.

The one clue that I have came when I noticed the high number of mis-carriages in and around Wanblee. Three out of four (3/4) women that I know personally who were indeed pregnant lost their children just after the end of the first trimester. I find that too, too coincidental. If indeed the water is the cause of so many mis-carriages….what is it doing to the older children and adults who are drinking this water day to day….bathing in it…washing clothes and dishes……. They’re older and strong enough that its not killing them outright, but what are its affects in the long run? What kinds of disease is this water causing? I think it bears looking into, by someone with the clout to do something about it.

One very odd thing remains unsaid….and that is the fact that these problems didnt start until  the reservation water supply started being piped in from the Missouri River. There were quite a few small towns and cities along the piping route who refused to allow the pipeline a right of way to pass thru the town limits. Someone with a knowledge of treaties and treaty rights found a loophole in the treaty regarding the railroad right of way that the lakota granted to the railroad when it bi-sected South Dakota. When it crossed the Missouri River it entered onto “The Great Sioux Reservation” as laid out in the Ft. Laramie treaty of 1868. The lakota allowed the railroad to pass thru but retained a legally binding right of way all along the northern and southern side of the tracks….and this is where Mni Wiconi(waters of life) ran the water lines from the river all the way to Pine Ridge Rez. This really cheesed off a bunch of people….especially when access to the water was denied to them for not allowing the pipeline in the first place.

Do you think they are delibrately contaminating the water? Do you think the Missouri is poluted to the point of uselessness? I dont know the answers to these questions….but I know the misscarriages continue….I know I wont drink the water til I boil it well. I truly hope someone reads this who knows more about it than I do….maybe get the ball rolling to see what can be done about it all….and save some more of my neices, nephews and grandkids….

Hi….Im back and going to try this writting thing again. Its been a while but Ive recieved ample encouragement to try again, so here it is.

Welcome to my world and what I see and do…..hopefully you’ll enjoy these little forrays into the goings on in ndn (indian…feather, not dot) country. If I make you laugh or cry…well thats good…you got it. If I offend you…TOO BAD….you didnt get it, so get over it.

Okay….welcome back to Jim Youngbird and Friends…I hope you get something from your time spent here….so over and out for now…look back in a day or so to see whats here….it wont be dull,

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